Dating a man who makes less money

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The same goes with faking it and getting caught too!

[Read: 10 sexy ways to make long term sex or married sex feel like a one night stand] #9 Tell him you’ve seen bigger.

And he’ll look for the first thing he can do to feel like a man again, he’ll immerse himself in his work to earn more money and feel powerful.

Or he’ll run behind another woman who can make him feel like a man again.

A guy who’s feeling small or emasculated would start to communicate less openly with you.

He’d feel like he can’t say something to you because you’d think he’s stupid, dumb or a loser.

And especially when you’re in a relationship, isn’t it each partner’s selfless love that helps their partner become the best they can be?

Almost every guy knows there would be other men who have bigger packages.

But it’s a truth he’d rather not acknowledge or talk about.

And the worst part is that he can’t even argue his case himself because he’s failed in your eyes and he knows it. You really can’t blame yourself if you don’t enjoy having sex with him.

But if he stares into your eyes while both of you are locked in a passionate embrace and he sees you staring at the ceiling or yawning like you’re bored or would rather read a magazine, his member would shrivel into a raisin in no time.

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