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That didn't stop other early developers from trying.Third Voice, founded by a group of Singaporean engineers in 1998, raised more than million in its first year, and saw itself as a tool to "empower users" and make the web "more meaningful." It didn't quite work out that way.With Harp Duo Robin Grenon and Gisèle Guibord, Tenor David...Hello, I offer piano lessons given 1 to 1 and personalized.As Genius co-founder and president Ilan Zechory points out, Marc Andreessen, the pioneering developer who created the first modern web browser in the early 90s, saw annotation as "a central part of his idea of what the web browser was." Andreessen eventually dropped annotation from his first browser, Mosaic, and it never made it into its successor, Netscape.

Instead, they did what scholars have long done in academic circles: they annotated the broadside.

Using an open source tool called Hypothesis, they highlighted examples of what they referred to as "willful ignorance of the science," and "misguided notions," and posted comments rebutting the offending passages.

Today, if you read the article using the Hypothesis browser extension or by following a Hypothesis link, you can review highlighted passages and more than 50 detailed annotations provided by the climate scientists.

"And it's not just a specialized thing for academics or educators.

It's a uniform collaborative layer over the whole web."Today's annotation tools—which don't actually mark up websites, but rather add highlights and comments in an external layer that you typically view using a special link or browser extension — are heirs to a concept that dates back to the dawn of the web.

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