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All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively. Spell-check and verification made against printed text using Author/Editor (Soft Quad) and Microsoft Word spell-checkers. By the time the canal opened in the spring, I was enabled, from the savings of my wages, to purchase a pair of horses, and other things necessarily required in the business of navigation.All single right and left quotation marks are encoded as ' and ' respectively. Entered according to act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, by DERBY AND MILLER, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Northern District of New-York.                         "Such dupes are men to custom, and so prone                         To reverence what is ancient, and can plead                         A course of long observance for its use,                         That even servitude, the worst of ills,                         Because delivered down from sire to son,                         Is kept and guarded as a sacred thing. Introductory—Ancestry—The Northup Family—Birth and Parentage—Mintus Northup—Marriage with Anne Hampton —Good Resolutions—Champlain Canal—Rafting Excursion to Canada—Farming—The Violin—Cooking— Removal to Saratoga—Parker and Perry—Slaves—and Slavery—The Children—The Beginning of Sorrow, . Page 23 Having hired several efficient hands to assist me, I entered into contracts for the transportation of large rafts of timber from Lake Champlain to Troy. Bartemy, of Whitehall, accompanied me on several trips. Wines—Art—Partial Recovery—Failure at Cotton Picking—What may be heard on Epps' Plantation —Lashes Graduated—Epps in a Whipping Mood— Epps in a Dancing Mood—Description of the Dance—Loss of Rest no Excuse—Epps' Characteristics—Jim Burns—Removal from Huff Power to Bayou Boeuf—Description of Uncle Abram; of Wiley; of Aunt Phebe; of Bob, Henry, and Edward; of Patsey; with a Genealogical Account of each—Something of their Past History, and Peculiar Characteristics —Jealousy and Lust—Patsey, the Victim, . The latter is still living in the county of Oswego, near the city of that name; my mother died during the period of my captivity. He left a widow and two children —myself, and Joseph, an elder brother.Text scanned (OCR) by Christopher Gwyn Text encoded by Natalia Smith First edition, 1997. 700K Academic Affairs Library, UNC-CH University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1997. Burch—Williams' Slave Pen in Washington—The Lackey, Radburn—Assert my Freedom—The Anger of the Trader—The Paddle and Cat-o'-nine- tails—The Whipping—New Acquaintances—Ray, Williams, and Randall—Arrival of Little Emily and her Mother in the Pen—Maternal Sorrows—The Story of Eliza, . From the time of my marriage to this day the love I have borne my wife has been sincere and unabated; and only those who have felt the glowing tenderness a father cherishes for his offspring, can appreciate my affection for the beloved children which have since been born to us.© This work is the property of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This much I deem appropriate and necessary to day, in order that those who read these pages, may comprehend the poignancy of those sufferings I have been doomed to bear.

The Hot Sun—Yet bound—The Cords sink into my Flesh— Chapin's Uneasiness—Speculation—Rachel, and her Cup of Water—Suffering increases—The Happiness of Slavery— Arrival of Ford—He cuts the Cords which bind me, and takes the Rope from my Neck—Misery—The gathering of Slaves in Eliza's Cabin—Their Kindness—Rachel Repeats the Occurrences of the Day—Lawson entertains his Companions with an Account of his Ride—Chapin's Apprehensions of Tibeats—Hired to Peter Tanner—Peter expounds the Scriptures—Description of the Stocks, . In the church yard at Sandy Hill, an humble stone marks the spot where he reposes, after having worthily performed the duties appertaining to the lowly sphere wherein God had appointed him to walk. Y., where I Page 19 was born, in the month of July, 1808. Labors on Sugar Plantations—The Mode of Planting Cane— of Hoeing Cane—Cane Ricks—Cutting Cane—Description of the Cane Knife—Winrowing—Preparing for Succeeding Crops—Description of Hawkins' Sugar Mill on Bayou Boeuf —The Christmas Holidays—The Carnival Season of the Children of Bondage—The Christmas Supper—Red, the Favorite Color—The Violin, and the Consolation it Afforded— The Christmas Dance—Lively, the Coquette—Sam Roberts, and his Rivals—Slave Songs—Southern Life as it is—Three Days in the Year—The System of Marriage—Uncle Abram's Contempt of Matrimony, . Sometime after my father's liberation, he removed to the town of Minerva, Essex county, N. She is not able to determine the exact line of her descent, but the blood of three races mingles in her veins. Arrival at Norfolk—Frederick and Maria—Arthur, the Freeman—Appointed Steward—Jim, Cuffee, and Jenny—The Storm—Bahama Banks—The Calm—The Conspiracy—The Long Boat—The Small-Pox—Death of Robert—Manning, the Sailor—The Meeting in the Forecastle—The Letter— Arrival At New-Orleans—Arthur's Rescue—Theophilus Free- man, the Consignee—Platt—First Night in the New-Orleans Slave Pen, . Anne still holds in grateful remembrance the exceeding kindness and the excellent counsels of that good man.

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