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"I ted Wine of Koussillon." It at - tract'ed attention and was favorably re- , [ewed by men of long acquaintance With tjae theatre. Uadsey grasefully said In his mod- e«t little speech last night, he had the imaluabte assistance of Miss Arthur as counsellor and actress. It was discussed length in the bun- do- Herald and need not now be re- tell l spite of the fact that there is liuld action— there are only two stir- ring dramatic moments— Mr. The quintons were the Intermediate type between the viols and the violins. The music composed for the viols and the viols and clavecin, reminded us that the good music and even the romantic and emotional music is not necessarily modern or ultra-modern; that there were compositions well worth hearing before chamber music was invented for the modern instruments. Miss Marion Tufts : pianist, illustrated Miss Nevin's re- ! As the World Wags: Somewhere in literature there Is a description of Gen. The first verse runs: As I was going to Darby, Sir, A|l on a market day, I met the finest Ram, Sir, That ever was fed on hay. I Southard "to attract or hold the at- I tention"— without the implication of | remonstrance or argument in the slmi- , lar phrases. The ex-I | • clamatory phrases given in them are: I '. The Intonation f was secure and there was unity and » precision in attack. Frljsh again gave great pleas- | ■ ure by her admirable art, by h/er charm if of diction, by her finesse and warmth M of Interpretation.

and not merely be- cause it had tempted for over two cen- turies playwrights and librettists, who had won no marked success except In a wild burlesque with music Mr l.indsey went to work, possibly a' first without thought of a stage pla.v When It was published, with the betle title. Tlhe legend on which therplay is based is old ami familiar in its various forms. viole de gambe; Maurice De- vil Uers, basse de vlole; Mme. Marie Bulsson, singer, gave its first concert In Boston yesterday afternoon. Especially noteworthy was the Lullaby of Limou- sin. Bulsson, recalled several times, at last sang another ancient ditty. Casadesus also delighted the ap- preciative "audience by his solo, played in masterljr fashion. Patorni easily persuaded the hearers that music written for the clavecin should be played only on that instrument. NEVIN-TUFTS "Die Walkuere" was Interpreted yes- •terdav morning by Miss Frances Nevin | at the Tuileries in an interesting and in- ; struct Tvo manner. What is reasonable and to be desired is, to use the language of the "lady novelist." "a sweet mingling of both." There is a mass of music that is prac- i tically unknown to frequenters of piano Re Enroughty-Darby. Derby throughout the old ballad — Its origin is unknown — is spelled* Darby. That, j indeed, js a slangy idiom conveying ] i Just the idea applied to it by Mr. We find no mention of "Look it" in H J English dialect dictionaries. Frijsh sang these songs: Handel, Strophes de Cleopatre, Air de Poppee; | Mozart, Aria di Suzanna; Brittany 13th ■ century, Cantique Angelus ; 16th cen- j tury. In "Brigg Fair," a Grain- I gerized folk-song of Lincolnshire, Mr. The singing of the chorus was intelll- 1 gent, smooth, accurate.

\ ■t N 0 P Q R S T U V IV R S / ft JULIA ARTHUR By PHILIP HALE. The life of Demarets, also a Parisian, was adventurous. valued highly his talent, but he would not pardon him. And that she and Mama — ■ Then she stopped, because It made me cry. While sitting on her knee, That the; angels never weary, Watchinjr over her and me; And that if we are good. The play opens with the discussion of an hypothetical ith profes- sional long hair. Alexander Ross says that In their opin- ions they were Anabaptists.

VTRfli, First performance In Boston of "Sertin Oi Mla." t play In four acts and sevep Whm by William Llndaey. A pupil of Locatelli, he became the maitre de chapelle of the chief church in Nancy. the Pa- risian and writer of operas, should not be confounded with Francois Destouches of Munich, born a century' afterward. And my little Sister Nellie says \ That I must surely die. The eternal triangle, that perennial favorite of dramatists, is the conven- tional theme upon which Wilde chose to embroider his highly amusing epi- grams and bits of worldly wisdom. The members, men and women, never appared naked except In their as- semblies when they performed their re- ligious ceremonies. They did not .■'trip until they entered the room, then they seated themselves on benches and went through their prayers and aacred songs, after which they put on their clothes.

Few concerts this season have given so great pleasure. His program then was not wholly en- grossing, for it included Bagatelles by the Beethoven of 12 years, the Fantasies written by Schumann when his light ffi was dim and a Sonata by Brahms that had already been played three times that season.

For marrying secret- ly the daughter of an official, he was charged with seduction and condemned to death. and only in the regency was the marriage declared j valid. A lit- eral person, consulting the dictionary, might wonder how the fire on its way gathered mushrooms. Augustine and Epiphanlus had much to say about them.

Kmue writing this play, was Not *otlly because In *hese days when the stage is larger} given over to frivolity, he chose a ^romantic story, but because this story- Is one with mtle action and with an ending In which for stage purposes the tragic totters on the edge of the gro- tesque. llreene nave »n admirable impersonation of the priest. The performance of the others In the company was generally adequate. Not only did the music itself have more than antiquarian interest; but the quartet of viols was unusually euphoni- ous; the clavecin was skilfully played, and the art of the players of the stringed instruments was beautiful by reason of the finish, elegance and perfect propor- tion In ensemble. We have spoken of a year-old pro- H gram because the program arranged for yesterday showed again that pro- gram making, a fine art. Herkimer [i i Johnson, to* explain the use of "look it" If | us a synonym of "listen." Mr, John- 1 fon has, I believe, made no response to!

We should have liked him more sinister lit his mockery. The reputation of the Society, long ago established in European countries, had preceded them. Cooper, whose home, formerly in Paris, is now In New York, played here a year ago. The only comparatively unfamiliar pieces were the six of the ; amusing Schoenberg. Southard requesting i that versatile sociologist, Mr.

The voice itself, well trained, has little natural color. Ave Maria; Paladilbre, Cest icl leberceau; Gertrude Ross, The Open Road; Loewe, How Deep the Slumber of the Floods; Easthope Martin, Absence; Hageman, Do Not Go, My Love, May Night; Horsman. As the World Wags: J think It was last year that some of your talented world wassers were dis- cussing the Golden Horn and the Sub-i lime Porte. ••• of lectures on the land of the Turk, lectures that were entertaining and instructive.He died in 1741 at Lunevllle, where he had been music director for I the Duke of Lorraine. S." of Boston writes: "I see some of the newspapers In the accounts of the Lenox Hotel fire say that the fire "mushroomed." Is there a verb "to mushroom"? The great Oxford Dictionary gives these i definitions of the verb: I. To elevate a person In social position with great suddenness. The article "Adamites" In the Dictionary of the celebrated Mr.Richardson employed this word in "Clarissa Harlowe." II. Bayle contains an entertaining discussion of the beliefs and practices of this worthy sect. Some who hafce aworn destruction to poor Puss and .urged a tax have quoted foreign instances. • In reading "Impressions and Com- jnents," by Havelock Ellis, we came jacross the following sentence: "The; man who wrote tho most mngnlfyront sentence in tho English language was o pirate and died on the scaffold." Who can «*y. Never." We heard a man with chin whiskers ■ay to his neighbor in a street car yes- terday: "Xo, sir, Russia should not be allowed to have Constantinople; no, sir, never." And he had a set, grim, murder- ous expression; but as he was burdened with packages— one of them evidently coffee— he is undoubtedly a mild man at home.It might be described as a useful voice with neutral tints. his poise and his evident artistic honesty made a pleasing impression on an audien ce of good size. To him & friend remarked: "I hear, colonel, that Mrs. It will be useful to glance at Frances Elliot's "Diary of an Idle Woman In Constantinople." I have ;a copy of the 1893 edition. A.s the World Wags: | In a directory of Boston professing to sound the last note of up-to-dateness i there appears in the list of social clubs: THE TENNYSON RACKET CLUB.A painter, not a sash and blind painter, not a painter and glazier, but what Arte- mus Ward would tcall a boss painter, brings this story from Philadelphia. Culpepper Is I going North, for a visit." "Yes, sir, and| she wijl be gone for some time." "She must' have a great deal of confidence in . Bols epais; Sartl, dal caro bene; Lotti, Pur dicesti; C'aldara, Salve Amtche; Carlsslme, Vit- toria; Verdi. Strange, is it not, how the Intellectual I essence of this burg penetrates even such of its institutions as are dedicated primarily to brasvn rather than to brain. "Pease and Beans." As" the World Wags: Answering the Inquiry of "Invagator" -^"Are Pease and Beans fed to horses at the present day In England? Shakespeare is fully i corroborated by Horace (Llngard), who flourished during the latter part of the ,, I9th century.

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