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Option that can disable e-mail notification of one own moves. :) So, about games "obviously lost" (somewhat subjective), the council may decide special rules so that referees can grant games that drag out. That's a recurrent problem in correspondence chess, and an original policy could make the rating more accurate, as some players may finish "good games" very faster than others... Thibault de Vassal Time limit per move If a player has 60 days and more on his clock, the deadline for one move is 60 days !

This is a provisional (quite good, I think) solution before question of vacation be answered.

Hannes Rada One solution could be to display titles from organizations in separated columns named FICGS, ICCF, FIDE, IECG etc... In my opinion, there are too many titles & titled players already from official & "non-official" organizations. a KM title (over GM) could be an interesting idea !

(as Chessfriend do) It's quite heavy for the rating list page :/ So the idea was to display the player's highest title only, and player is free to mention his titles in his own informations page. Maybe you can use smaller fonts, so that all information can be displayed on that page. I think this is a mistake from FIDE / ICCF they couldn't remedy anymore. Anyway, I'm ok with the commission idea, we'll vote that too. About players that will never achieve a title, I think most important is to stimulate motivation, and titles (I think) are awarded in this way.

Of course, if developers want to help, making a drag & drop interface ie. Computers Hello Marc, the idea is good for sure, but I doubt developers would want to see their "beta babies" to achieve a 2000 ELO rating with pain :) If matches like CC GM - Engines are quite balanced, so would be a CC 1800 - Engines one...

or improving whatelse..) About "go", we'll see later, Hannes :) (it's a fine game, you should learn ! Anyway, if you know developers interested, we could envisage something in this way...

Hannes Patrice Verdier Possibility Job I have been club chess president.

I can organize tournaments, proceed rating calculator, write rules, doing relation with others organisation (ICCF, IECG,...).

If player's rating decrease, he could lost his title... Paul-Iosif Guralivu New Titles I agree that the rating in a way.I have some ideas also for tournament with fee and prizes Thibault de Vassal FICGS council / staff About job specification, as I said, I would like FICGS to be a place that fits to the most, and not under a dictatorship (even mine :)), so the idea to create a council with all members who want to be part of it, voting all decisions relating server rules, tournaments, wch cycles, titles... or both...)The FICGS staff should be able to manage the server (registering new members, moderating the forum, referees...) Nothing difficult, just needs motivation.Most important is that it could completely work without me.Per Lea Job specification Generally speaking I am interested.But what about a job specification :-) To be honest, I've no idea about go ..:-) But I've experience in administrating a phpbb - Forum.

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