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Merging classical music with pop culture is reminiscent of early 20 century cartoons, notably Walt's Disney's "Fantasia," which featured music by Bach, Schubert and Stravinsky.

Gilmer added that like the classical masters, the best video game composers understand melodic lines and the varied colors and textures of clarinets, flutes and other instruments.

TV, film experience Like a number of video game composers, some of whom can earn more than 0,000 a year, Fratianni came to the industry after working on music for films and TV shows, including "Breaking Bad." In 2005, Tallarico, Fratianni, Michael Plowman and Laurie Robinson composed the game music to "Advent Rising." The score was inspired by Italian opera and recorded with a 70-piece orchestra on a Paramount soundstage.

The choral passages were sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

I can take it and record it in a bunch of different ways with different intensities."His home in San Juan Capistrano looks as if a 12-year-old with a huge bank account went wild.

It includes a life-size Indiana Jones, a Spider-Man room streaked with real spider webs, a Disney room with an original drawing of Pinocchio, a framed celluloid still from a vintage 1940s Bugs Bunny cartoon, a clutch of full-size "Star Wars" characters and, by the pool, a statue of Merlin lurking near a lawn tiger bought in Las Vegas."These are all the things I grew up with," he said.

"I'm making a Willy Wonka section right now."He is surrounded by childhood images.

' I read about him and how he was influenced by these Mozart and Beethoven guys.

'"A swift man with a sly laugh, Tallarico, a cousin of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, adds a bit of carnival flash to the often staid classical scene.

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