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Guided by the philosophy that the situation of every person facing criminal charges is unique, we tailor our defense strategies to the facts and circumstances of each case as they apply to the law, and we work to attain the best possible results for our clients.A creative and intensive approach to criminal charges can make a big difference in the result in your case, as does your choice of lawyer to represent you.Weiner’s practice throughout the past forty-three years.Our firm is the choice for people and businesses seeking cutting edge, high quality and personalized criminal defense representation.

She revealed that on her 50th birthday, she had to film for Beatriz At Dinner and the crew surprised her with a mariachi band.

A criminal conviction, even from years ago, is often the basis for exclusion, even for people who have been law abiding for years!

Too often, applicants are denied United States visas based merely on hearsay and false rumors.

For over forty-three years, we have successfully defended clients in all types of state, federal and international criminal cases throughout the United States and abroad.

A., Attorneys at Law, is one of our nation’s premier criminal defense law firms.

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