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Sam:"In 1787 there was a sizable bloc of delegates who were initially opposed to the bill of rights. You're standing pretty close to the engines, so it may have sounded like I said "Notre Dame is going to get the ass-kicking they so richly deserve." Bartlet: Were we talking about something? J.: I dunno, sir, when I came in here -- back in the late fifties -- there was a purpose to it but then one thing led to another and I blacked out. Russian Official: Sam, it is freezing-too-cold in Reykjavik. For that, he gets..yarmulke, which has been crumpled up in my coat pocket since a wedding in 1962. When we had a particular problem with somebody, one solution we would try would be to make him a Maharaja—a kind of regional king.This is what a member of the Georgia delegation had to say by way of opposition: 'If we list a set of rights, some fools in the future are going to claim the people are entitled only to those rights enumerated and no others'." Troy, I want to you to know it was neck-and-neck, but I'm giving it to Eric. I mean, I can hang in there with the best of them, sir, but somewhere in the discussion of anise and coriander and the other fifteen spices you like to use to baste a turkey I simply lost consciousness. We would pay him an annual tribute, and in return he would be loyal to the Crown.You were in it right until the end, but it's the flapping thing you've got going on. Russian Official: On his arrival and during outdoor photograph opportunity, President Bartlet must wear overcoat. Leo: Lord Marbury, under our Constitution, the President is not empowered to create Maharajas. Having been educated at Cambridge and the Sorbonne, I am, as you know, exceedingly stupid.I'll tell you what's of some concern to me, that I've been talking out aloud this whole time, that's very unsettling. Margaret: Apparently, your response to Donna's perfectly legitimate concern about the White House not supporting OSHA's recommendation regarding repetitive stress injuries was to 'type slower'.In the 1840s, there was a public scandal when it was discovered that malnourished inmates at Andover workhouse had been fighting over scraps of rotting meat left on some bones they were supposed to be crushing. It was intended to provide interesting and useful occupation such as knitting, embroidery or lace-making for non-able-bodied workhouse inmates who spent long hours confined to bed or in day rooms.Training in the various crafts was provided by outside volunteers and the costs were initially borne by Lady Brabazon.Casuals were housed in a separate area of the workhouse, usually near the entrance, known as the casual ward.

The badge, in red or blue cloth, consisted of the letter "P" together with the initial letter of the parish, for example "AP" for Ampthill parish.An establishment, usually funded by a charitable endowment, providing free or subsidised accommodation for the elderly poor of good character, and typically constructed as a row of small self-contained cottages.A wealthy person might bequeath money for the setting up of some almshouses in the hope that the residents might then regularly pray for his soul.In addition, local magistrates could act as ex officio Guardians.The Board met at a fixed time either weekly or fortnightly, usually in a board-room at the workhouse.

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