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A good feud is a gift that keeps on giving to Page Six — because an item one day leads to another, and another and another . In the final installment of our look back at four decades of Page Six, we present some of our favorite rivalries. “I would not have peed if she didn’t spray me,” Remkus said.

And eventually the hatchet is buried (hopefully between the two, not in someone’s back). ’ ” Remkus said she was about to go elsewhere, when the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model sprayed her with a hose.

“These two top talents (neither of them known for humility or wishy-washy opinions) were reportedly at a Beverly Hills party discussing religion when the subject turned to Zionism,” Page Six reported. But our money would have been on Streisand.” Sorry, Bette.

LET HER RIPA She’s the bubbly ray of sunshine on morning television, but don’t cross Kelly Ripa.Huckabee Sanders said Manigault was expected to be at the White House on Thursday afternoon, even though the Secret Service said in a tweet on Wednesday it had deactivated her security badge.Manigault said during her "Good Morning America" interview that her access had been restricted, but not totally cut off.The feud allegedly began when Maples refused to pose for a picture with La Toya and was overheard calling her “low class.” The Jackson sister called up Maples and let her have it. “I don’t know her.” Her disastrous New Year’s Eve show? “When Ford saw all the details spelled out in newsprint, he hit the roof, and when he ran into the author of the story in Jackson’s Stagecoach Bar, he slugged him.“You are nothing but a Southern piece of trash,” Jackson reportedly said. How low can you get, stealing another woman’s husband? “I was sabotaged on purpose.” Mariah Carey loves to stir things up, at least as far back as this 2005 Page Six item: “Madonna ordered underlings to keep Mariah Carey away from her during a charity concert. A video recently surfaced in which Carey said of Madonna, ‘I haven’t really paid attention to her since like seventh or eighth grade, when she used to be popular.’ ” GOING TO THE MAT Yep, wrestlers go over the top. Our barfly sources report that the two swung at each other until both collapsed in a heap on the floor.” VEX AND THE CITY They played best friends on television for years, but Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker were never bosom buddies in real life, Page Six reported.

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