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The authors of the article developed the scientific concept of implementation of European criminology vision 2020 in Lithuania, analyzed and evaluated institutional efficiency and quality of performance of the criminological investigation system as the main subject of creation of European criminological area, accreditation of the institutions, the condition of criminological didactics, and adherence to the minimum competence requirements for criminology personnel, carried out the managerial, organizational and legal analysis of applying the minimum quality standards in the crime scene as well as working with evidence from the crime scene to the courtroom, identified possible areas of criminology harmonization, and defined the directions and methods of the harmonization. ‘Europos teismo ekspertizės vizija 2020: prioritetiniai tikslai ir galimos jų įgyvendinimo kliūtys’. [3] CRIM-TRACK project (Sensor system for detection of criminal chemical substances). [4] Europos kriminalistikos bendros erdvės 2020 vizijos įgyvendinimo Lietuvoje mokslinė koncepcija.

‘Sensor system for detection of criminal chemical substances: towards a practical application’. The Author(s) warrants that The Paper is based on their original work and that the undersigned has the power and authority to make and execute this assignment. The undersigned Author(s) of the above-mentioned Paper here transfer any and all copyright-rights in and to The Paper to The Publisher.Synthetic biology From the beginning of this century synthetic biology has emerged as a new engineering science of life.It uses the rapidly increasing possibilities for both “reading” and “writing” DNA to design and synthesize living cells and biological systems with functions that do not exist in nature.

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